Kids Can Scale Big Ben or the Empire State Building at ClimbZone

7 Jan 2019

ClimbZone is a far cry from your average rock-climbing gym. It caters specifically to pint-sized athletes with its themed climbing walls and cushy inflatables. Instead of simple scaling a wall flecked with generic hand-holds and foot-holds, guests make their way to the top of the Empire State Building or a giant suit of armor.

Bring little ones to ClimbZone and head to the Training Zone, where you learn how to use the safety harnesses at each station. Then you have free reign of the indoor playspace. Keep a close eye on kiddos as they scamper to the top of the skyscraper where Godzilla sits in wait or navigate Jack’s beanstalk as it punches through the clouds. They can even climb Big Ben or Mount Rushmore. If you have younger children in tow, ClimbZone also offers a smaller play area with equipment and toys just for them.