Get Creative With Friends or Family at Paint Nite

6 Dec 2018

Paint. Sip. Chat. Repeat. It’s that easy at Paint Nite, where you can turn a run-of-the-mill night out into one to remember.

Paint Nite uses the local bars, restaurants, and hotels in your area to host a painting party. Just plug in your location on their site and see all of the upcoming events near you and what the canvas will be for the night. They also do customer planter parties in the Baltimore area where you can create your own custom terrarium or themed potted plants instead of painting a canvas. There are plenty of special holiday events coming up, and it’s a great excuse to get together with family or friends and relax this busy holiday season. You may even leave with a gift that you’ll be proud to pass on to someone special. Be sure to visit Groupon or Living Social prior to your event. They often have deals valuing up to $20 off your session.