Try a New Kind of Workout at Alternate Routes

27 Sep 2018

Alternate Routes is a gym dedicated to fitness and health, but it takes a pretty unique approach, promoting parkour, freerunning, and "tricking." If you're familiar with these terms you know that this gym teaches people (especially kids) how to vault over obstacles through building speed and power in playful, acrobatic ways.

Parkour practitioners (also called "traceurs") can have a lot of fun in the gym itself, but are also encouraged to try out their new skills out in the real world — at local parks and playgrounds, for example. You can sign up for private or group lessons, train for a parkour competition, or book a private party for your group to come out and have some fun with the gym's talented instructors. Does all of this sound pretty new to you? Don’t worry; the staff here are prepared to teach you everything you need to know.