Treat Yourself to Cupcakes and Ice Cream at Smallcakes White Marsh

18 Jul 2018

Smallcakes has dubbed itself a "cupcakery and creamery," and you'll understand exactly why when you visit. This White Marsh shop is bright and cheerful, with big glass display cases filled to the brim with — you guessed it — cupcakes and ice cream.

The cupcakes come in more than a dozen different flavors, ranging from classic chocolate topped with buttercream and fudge, to unique seasonal choices, like key lime pie topped with real fruit. Similarly, you'll find about a dozen different ice cream flavors, plus seasonal specials. Try the decadent peanut butter cup ice cream topped with peanut crumbles, or go for the unique and playful "blue munster cookie," which is a blue-hued vanilla cream layered with chocolate cookie crumbles. If everything looks good and you just can't decide, tell the staff you want a "smash" and they'll gladly combine both a cupcake and a scoop of ice cream in a single cup for you.