Savor Authentic Mexican Food at Taco Love Grill

24 Apr 2018

Crispy fries loaded with tender carne asada, gooey cheddar and Monterrey cheese, and freshly crafted guacamole. These are the carne asada fries served up at Taco Love Grill, a favorite appetizer among regulars — for obvious reasons. It's joined by other over-the-top starters such as choriqueso, a velvety blend of queso and chorizo, and empanadas packed with ground beef.

After nibbling on a few of the smaller dishes, order a round of tacos filled with al pastor pork, chicken and bacon, or even tofu. You can choose which tortilla you want—options include house-made soft corn, crispy corn, and soft flour—as well as your toppings, from traditional (cilantro and onions) to American-style fixings, which are lettuce, tomato, cheese, and cream. You can also try one of the house specialties, like the avocado stuffed with grilled shrimp and house-made mojo sauce or a platter of grilled steak, eggs, fried plantains, avocado, and rice and beans, fittingly called the Super Platter.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Robynsworld