Build Your Own Bubble Tea at ChaTime White Marsh

16 Mar 2018

If you're the type of customer who appreciates being able to customize your order, then you'll appreciate the setup at ChaTime White Marsh. This bubble tea cafe, unveiled in Nottingham about two months ago, allows its patrons to create their own beverage step by step. It's a dream come true for picky drinkers.

Start by selecting your "series." Your options include milk tea, pure tea, juice, smoothie, mousse, or coffee. Next, decide on a size (16 or 22 ounces) and whether you'd like your drink cold or hot — you can even specify a precise ice level. Let your server know how sugary you want it, too, from 0% to 120%. Then choose your toppings, like tapioca pearls, pudding, red bean, or a variety of sweet jelly. You can also skip the DIY and order one of the pre-designed bubble teas at ChaTime White Marsh.