Sweat Away Calories in Style at Movez Dance and Fitness Studio

12 Oct 2017

According to the people who love to get their sweat on here, Movez Dance and Fitness Studio shouldn't even really be called a fitness studio. Its classes are so fun and engaging that you often forget you're working out—it feels more like a dance party with friends.

The fun vibes are thanks, in part, to the design of the dance classes themselves, but also to owner Adelicia. Her bright, sunny spirit pervades every class she teaches and the studio at large. All of the instructors at Movez share her energy, which is a big part of the reason the signature Movez classes are so fun. The instructor begins by teaching you the steps to an uptempo dance routine, which includes a mix of different genres, then leads you into a dancing session that will get your heart pumping and keep your body moving. Movez also offers a ballet-inspired barre class, a Caribbean dance class known as SocaSweat, and a cardio routine called Afrobeats.