Try Unique Food Hybrids in a Convenient Environment at Edorrito Asian Bistro

10 Jan 2017

The sushi burrito is a real thing, and you can order one at Edorrito Asian Bistro, which just opened about a month ago in Nottingham. This new food hybrid combines Edo sushi with a burrito and is stuffed with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

At Edorrito, you'll order at one of their kiosks. Your meal is completely customizable, so after choosing your base, you can add protein, fresh ingredients, toppings, homemade sauce, and crunchy extras. Edorrito offers unique sushi combinations like sushi burritos, sushi bowls and sushi salads, as well as traditional noodles dishes and rice dishes. Try one of their signature creations, like their Porkrrito, which is filled with roast pork, cilantro, red onion, crispy black rice, corn, and Asian barbeque sauce.

Edorrito Asian Bistro is perfect for that sushi or comfort food fix, and Yelpers claim the portions are huge and worth the price. Since ordering is done at kiosks, service is fast, efficient, and friendly, which makes for an overall pleasant experience.