Maryland Seafood Is Served Fresh Near Arbors at Baltimore Crossroads at Mo’s Seafood Restaurant

13 Apr 2016

Maryland residents pride themselves on knowing seafood, and that's just what you'll find at the popular Mo's Seafood Restaurant. This seafood-oriented eatery combines the atmosphere of a laid-back sports bar with careful attention to culinary details, like getting just the right amount of sear on a scallop or adjusting the spice levels in the crab stew until they're just right.

Yelp reviewers say just about everything on the menu at Mo's Seafood is very tasty, but they give special praise to the crispy-fried crab bites made with lump crab, as well as the ultra-fresh whole crab and lobsters, which are steamed to order and come with sides like macaroni salad, fries, and cole slaw. They also say that the portions here are generous, so don't be surprised if you find yourself needing a to-go box to finish your meal at home.

Mo's Seafood Restaurant
9727 Pulaski Highway
Middle River, MD 21220
(410) 238-1700